We can easily bond tooth coloured filling material to change the shape and colour of crooked, spaced or discoloured teeth.


Benefits of Composite veneers




Composite v/s Ceramic veneers:

Composite veneer

Ceramic veneer (Porcelain veneer)

- Composite veneers are less expensive than Ceramic. - Ceramic veneers have more natural color looking than Composite.
- Composite are faster to achieve in one single visit. - Ceramic veneers have longer term color stability(10-15 years) than Composite(6 to 18 months). Even cigarettes do not affect their color 
- Composite are easier to remove or modify than Ceramic venneer. - Ceramic veneers are very thin but very durable. Harder than Composite (less breakage probability).


Comparison between Composite veneer and Ceramic veneer: