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Teeth Whitening


Every time you brush your teeth, abrasive compounds and chemicals wear away small particles, leaving a cleaner surface. If the toothpaste doesn’t seem to get the yellowish stains of your teeth, that’s because they’re not actually on the surface, they’ve seeped into the dentin, the more porous structure underneath the enamel. To reach this deeper discoloration, scrubbing won’t work. Instead, dentists use whitening/bleaching material. The bleaching  gel help to clean out stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, or red wine.

In most whitening systems, a solution of hydrogen peroxide (or carbamide peroxide, which turns into hydrogen peroxide when it encounters saliva) is left to sit against the teeth in the form of gel-filled trays or strips. Then the peroxide sets to work breaking the chemical bonds of the particles that contain the unwanted discoloration.

Some Bleaching formulas are designed to be activated with a laser, a halogen, or led light whose specific wavelength is supposed to accelerate the breakdown of these Peroxide particles. Although studies as to the light’s effectiveness vary between manufacturers, the basic chemical process remains the same, and dentists who use light-activated systems suggest that they can work more quickly.

Our whitening treatment is safe, effective, convenient, and affordable and we have outstanding customer service. We treat our patients like family and always update them on new promotions and special offers. We offer safe and effective whitening techniques. A single 15-minute treatment can result in immediately visible whitening,  though more treatments are recommended for best results,


Sometimes, remineralizing  treatments are needed after the teeth whitening.  Remineralizing treatments help desensitize the teeth after the whitening treatments, help protect the enamel, and reduce future staining.