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Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist - Richard Haber, DDS

1260 15th St # 701 Santa Monica CA 90404

Tel: (310) 393-7766 Fax: (310) 394-8066


Through the latest Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentistry procedures including Porcelain Veneers , Dental Implants , Dental Bondings, Dental porcelain Inlays, Onlays, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Bridges , Teeth Whitening and White Fillings , "You can have the smile of your dream in as little as a few hours," says Dr Richard Haber, Santa Monica Family Dentist who improves teeth by utilizing the latest dental techniques in Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Monica CA, California.

Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist, Richard Haber DDS, 
This Santa Monica Cosmetic dentist website provides information on the latest Santa Monica cosmetic dentistry, and dental porcelain veneers procedures from a Cosmetic dentist located in Santa Monica, California.



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Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist, Richard Haber DDS, Cosmetic Dentist in Santa Monica, 1260 15th St # 701 Santa Monica CA 90404 Tel: (310) 393-7766


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