Extensive Experience in Treating Complex Dental Problems

Although I'm an adult, I am still frightened of getting work done in my mouth. He explained everything to me thoroughly and took the time to answer my sundry questions. He did not rush any of the procedures and he took his time to make sure I was completely numb so I would feel no pain. When checking my gums and teeth he was always very meticulous to make sure that he was finding all the correct issues. When finished with every procedure he took the time to explain to me everything that I needed to know to make sure there were no further complications. I could not have asked for a better dentist.


This is a good place to go. While dental insurance makes regular office visits affordable, needed procedures are often not covered or provide only a minimal payment making out of pocket costs difficult to handle. He understands this and is diligent about making sure that a patient knows the options available and the pros and cons of choosing less expensive ways of handling particular issues. One never gets the impression that he “sees a new sailboat” in a patient’s molars. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone. I am confident that anyone acting on that recommendation will be pleased with his/her experience with this dentist.





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Honest and straightforward


He is truly an "ARTIST"


He explained everything to me thoroughly


My son especially likes it


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