Extensive Experience in Treating Complex Dental Problems

The hygienist always give great suggestions on how to floss and brush my teeth correctly. One time, she told me to buy a children toothbrush to brush my inside teeth and it really helped because the next time I went to the dentist, he said that my teeth did not have as much plaque as before and the flossing and brushing correctly really helped. I found a great dentist that makes me at ease, I will never find any other dentists, plus it's only five minutes from home.


Our family loves our dentist. The office is in a beautifully renovated building. My son especially likes it because there is a toy box in the receptionist room. While we are waiting for our appointment he can get few toys out and amuse himself while I read a magazine these are just some of the little touches that make the visit a pleasant experience. He and his assistant are warm and friendly and make you smile when they greet you. They are super expert pair and make you want to return without hesitation we know that we will be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and gentle care.



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Honest and straightforward


He is truly an "ARTIST"


He explained everything to me thoroughly


My son especially likes it


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