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  Implants Dentistry  

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Santa Monica Endodontics and Root Canal -

Dental Emergency treatment 24/7.

Dr. Haber is available for urgent and emergency dental care, including root canal treatment. If you are in pain call our Santa Monica Emergency Dentist 247


Dentist - Root Canal - Endodontist -


Endodontics & Root Canals

If you are suffering from a tooth infection caused by decay or injury, you may be in need of a root canal. In our Santa Monica office, we will work with you to discuss the root canal treatment and ensure that your procedure is painless and effective, leaving you with an improved, healthy smile after just one visit.


Oral Surgery & Dental Implants


santa monica dentist



Santa Monica oral surgeon, Richard Haber DDS,  oral surgeon in Santa Monica
This Santa Monica oral surgeon website provides information on the latest Santa Monica oral surgeon dentistry, and dental porcelain veneers procedures from an oral surgeon dentist located in Santa Monica, California.


Oral Surgeon

if you need an Oral surgeon, Dr. Haber provides dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and many other oral surgery procedures to the Los Angeles Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Area. oral surgeon surgery, dental implants Oral Surgeon

Dental Implant , The Best Implant Dentist in Santa Monica

Dr Haber uses a variety of dental implant technologies, and places a very special emphasis on full dental implant reconstructive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.





Santa Monica oral surgeon, Richard Haber DDS,

oral surgeon in Santa Monica.



Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills

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1260  15th St  # 701  Santa Monica  CA 90404   Tel: (310) 393-7766






Tooth Decay


- Porcelain Crown
How Teeth Decay
Root Canal - Direct
Root Canal - Indirect




Single Missing Tooth

Dental Implant / Cemented Crown
Dental Implant / Fixed Crown
Maryland Bridge

- Dental Bridge
Cantilever Bridge
Do Nothing




Multiple Missing Teeth


- Bar Supported Denture
Do Nothing
Full Denture
Implant Supported Denture
Removable Partial Denture





Periodontal Disease


- About Periodontal Disease

- Crown Lengthening

- Gingival Grafting
Periodontal Scaling